8th June 2016 
11.00 – 14.00  (12.00 – Lunch will be served)
The Open University
Library Presentation Room
Open University Library
MK7 6AA Walton Hall
United Kingdom
The AHRC-funded Earth in Vision project is based in the Department of Geography at the Open University and has been working with archives of environment-themed BBC broadcast content from over 7 decades in order to path find what a gold standard digital broadcast archive (DBA) might be, and to write new environmental histories with broadcasting written into the script. 
11.00 – 12.00: Earth in Vision project presentation: Why an eBook?
This presentation introduces the use of ebooks in academia, illustrated through the Earth in Vision project’s multimedia ebook which we have been building as a tool to communicate our research findings to different ‘digital’ publics (or ‘digital citizens’). George Revill will consider digital ideologies in the context of our work, and we will talk about why we chose to take this route, our experiences of writing an ebook and what we hope to achieve through its production. We will be joined by our Media Curator, Dr Alison Kahn, who is an anthropologist and filmmaker, currently a Senior Lecturer in Film Production at Oxford Brookes University and Creative Director of Moving By Design Press. Alison will talk about the methods and approach she has developed for e-book production,  which draws on literary studies, material cultural studies, museum curatorship and documentary filmmaking.  Kahn suggests that ebooks present opportunities for the user to explore material by “hopscotching” through the book in a Cortázarian manner, allowing the user to choose unique pathways through the multimedia narrative (See Hopscotch (1963) By Julio Cortázar). The traditional sense of ‘reading’ a book is thus qualified: rather the experience has more in common with museum exhibition ‘visits’, with the self-paced movement among chapters and sections of the ebook being parallel to a tour of galleries and rooms.
12.00 – 14.00: Hands-on workshop on creating ebooks for public engagement with research.
The workshop will be in three stages:
1.      Exploring ebooks: looking in more detail at what an ebook is and what it can do, the different tools and techniques available for making them, and the different ways in which they can be made and used.
2.      Using ebooks: Helping attendees to think about what they might get out of making an ebook in the context of their own research / work
3.      Writing your own ebook – looking at production through 3 stages: 
a.       Pre-Production: planning, curating, audiences, content and rights
b.      Build: tools, techniques, design elements, multimedia content and formats
c.       Testing (functionality, pitch, content)
If you own an Apple Mac laptop or iPad, please install iBooks and iBooks Author and bring the laptop/iPad with you to the workshop. 
If you do not own an Apple device, there will be an Apple Mac computer available at the event for demonstration purposes.
Please register for the event through our Eventbrite link below before Friday 3 June.